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Are you the Boss in this position?

Recently, I hear the term upward bullying and harassment and read up on it..  Often when thinking of bullying and harassment what comes to mind is the downward trend with managers/supervisors and senior management responsible for this behaviour on their staff, not the reverse.

There are cases where managers/supervisors have reported that they have been bullied by their staff, who regularly exhibit improper and irrational behaviour in response to general workplace instruction and directives that relate to their job position.  Or make complaints to senior management, which are untrue or exaggerated.

Bullying is a crime …

Most often the bullying is not reported because the managers/supervisors feels that it their responsibility to resolve the situation; or in reporting they will appear to be admitting failure in their role or have no authority over their team.

No matter what, managers/supervisors should be encouraged to report bullying and harassment and have open discussion with staff by building better relationships and adopting grievance procedures.

Upward bullying has the potential to cause damage where the victims may suffer from stress and depression; lose confidence and self-esteem and feel a lack of job satisfaction.

Bullying has a psychological impact on its victims …

Upwards bullying impacts the bottom line resulting in loss of productivity, increased absenteeism and higher staff turnover, as well as, the cost of workers compensation and legal damage claims.

Workplaces should encourage reporting and getting advice at all levels where bullying and harassment is occurring, as well as, educate and train all staff on the types of behaviour; the consequences; reporting procedures with an established trusted support system for victims.

“If you are the proprietor or managing director of a company, you are ultimately responsible for the health and safety in all aspects of the business.” – Forum of Private Business