4 Facts About Safety Compliance

4 Facts About Safety Compliance

“Safety is not an accident”

It is easy to get distracted by the industry trends and the current business climate.  So much so, that we forget or see important things like workplace safety, and deem it as a lesser priority, focusing on financial investment elsewhere.



Safety never takes a holiday”

In some cases,

businesses do get away with non-compliance; and avoid penalties and fines for many years. However, these are the lucky ones.  What about the unlucky ones: or that unlucky moment when that mishap results in a significant workplace accident.  Just in that moment, when someone took their eyes off safety, because they saw it as insignificant. Within that moment, the business safety record is marred. This one incident could ruin its reputation and put it at risk financially.

SafeWork Australia states that: “Small businesses account for more than 95% of all Australian businesses and are responsible for the health and safety of approximately 4.8 million workers. “

“Luck runs out but safety is good for life”

Taking ones eyes off safety is like playing Russian roulette, not only with the business, but also with real lives and these have long-term consequences.  These consequences never go away; as injury impacts on people, their family; their income and lifestyle.  This also comes as a loss to the business through the fines and penalties, loss of skilled labour, new recruitment and training.

SafeWork Australia states that: “In 2012–13, work-related injury and disease cost the Australian economy $61.8 billion, representing 4.1% of GDP.”

“Chance takers are accident makers”