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Foccale Live Event for Safety Compliance »
Brought To You By Safety Consultant & Mentor, From Australia, Faith Eason
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Foccale Live Event for Safety Compliance »

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Foccale Live Event for Safety Compliance »


Online Event

Wednesday 6th April

Event starts at 6pm Melb/Sydney Time

The 5 Mistakes that Most Poorly Managed Businesses Make

The most successful business owners & entrepreneurs in the world know to avoid these mistakes:

#1. They think safety compliance is boring so they pay little attention to it – until it’s too late

#2. They rely on a safety manual only to implement strategies for their business

#3. They don’t understand the safety requirements for their business and could end up deemed negligent with severe consequences

#4. They pay large sums for unnecessary workplace accidents, rather than avoiding these to begin with

#5. They put WHS & safety compliance last because they are time poor & put it in the “too hard basket”, ending in costly outgoings

If this sounds like you, let me show you the proven methods & strategies that can be applied to any business – whatever stage your safety obligations are in!

  • ​How ANYONE with a business can create the right processes, strategies and environment for protection & growth!
  • Methods to optimise your business with customised plans so you perform at your best!
  • Complete Safety Performance Makeover: The In-depth Step By Step Process To Assessing & Optimising Your Business Safety Processes.
  • Gain professional advice and support covering: Injury Management, Auditing and WHS Training
  • ​The art of structuring your business to avoid workplace accidents and costing your business more than you need to
  • ​Change the environment for safety with safety culture re-vamp strategies specialised for your businesses needs
  • ​Learn to manage your team effectively so they get on board with your plans
  • Understand the importance of ensuring safety compliance in your workplace and its ripple benefits

Why this Event is Profoundly Different to any Other Event You have Attended

  • It’s Being Presented By ‘The Ultimate Safety Consultant’ behind some of the most successful organisations in the country.
  • ​A Very Unique, Unusual Approach To Using Tailored Strategies To Seriously Put Your Business To The Forefront (These Strategies Will Completely Optimise Your Business Into A Seamless Operating Machine!)
  • ​This Isn’t Created For Broad Appeal, It’s Only For Those Who Want To Make Their Business Thrive In A Sustainable And Ethical Way.
  • Strategies For Safety Compliance: Use The Power Of My Proven Program To Become Leaders That Are Ahead Of The Game.
  • You’ll be given the tools to not only strategise and develop your business, but become more innovative, responsive and agile than ever!

*I understand that free seating is limited.

Foccale Live Event for Safety Compliance »

Avoid Workplace Accidents, Prevent Unnecessary Costs in the Business and Reduce Internal Stress!

Who is this Event for?

People who are:

Business Owners & CEO's

Gain strategic safety compliance advice to create a successful plan to move forward. After all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail

WHS Officers & Specialists

Get mentored by a passionate consultant who understand how to protect your business moving forward...rather than just deal with boring policies and procedures.

Team up with someone who cares about your success!

Management Teams

Most organisations don’t know how important a solid safety plan is, so they choose to do minimal or nothing, ending in big business bills & payouts

Get ahead of the game by focusing on improving compliance, so you don't become too complacent and suffer the consequences.


Most business owners who struggle, are too lazy when it comes to safety compliance!

Rather than foot the bill....Learn to set yourself up for success and implement the required measures to protect your business


Building and leading a team can be easy when the safety aspects are taken care of.

Learn the right skills, get the right people and implement the right procedures you need in place to create a successful workplace

And You

Think all safety compliance, HR & WHS training is boring?

Register below to find out how to get ahead in a new way!

Implementing Preventative Strategies are Paramount to Achieving Safety in the Workplace.

Are You Ready To Protect Your Business?

Recognise the importance of proactive safety compliance measures…

Don’t only call for help when
things go wrong and start to cost big bucks

Understand the psychology around how to get your workplace & team on board…

Learn to put in plans to assist achievement of sufficient safety processes

Why you need to prioritise safety procedures in your business…

So you can focus on what you do best and get an expert to help you do the rest

The Purpose of Our Business is to Help You Understand & Address the How, the Why and the Consequences in Your Business.

Faith Gets Involved in Every Step of the Way to Grow & Develop Your Business through...

  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • ​Customised WHS Systems
  • ​Auditing
  • ​WHS Training
  • ​Injury Management
  • ​Ergonomic Assessments
  • ​Design & Development of Training Programs
  • ​Safety Speaking
  • Engagements

It's Time to Seriously Level Up Safety Protocols in Your Business in 2022 with Faith's Proven Strategies...

Even the best business in the world is nothing without a specialised framework for safety management.

Check out what Faith’s have to say about their experience working with her…

*I understand that free seating is limited.

Is Safety Management in the Too Hard Basket? We have a Specialised Solution for You!

Event Details


Online Event - You will be emailed a zoom link when you register

Date & Time

Wednesday April 6th Event starts at: 6pm Melbourne Time

*I understand that free seating is limited.

Meet Faith Eeason

Faith works with clients taking them beyond compliance through mentoring and coaching whilst developing and implementing Safety Management Systems, educating and assisting with effective safety management.

Faith not only provides ongoing support to her clients, but one-off services to businesses and individual that need support and advise on safety matters, and the development and implementation of safety policies and procedures.

She maintains her professional development and is a member of various safety groups participating in discussions on safety matters. Faith is affiliated to a number of business networks such as BNI and Hunter Business Chamber and The Business Centre.

Faith’s primary goal is to help her clients achieve and maintain optimum safety performance.

Register below today to protect your business properly and avoid large, unnecessary costs.

Foccale Live Event for Safety Compliance »
Foccale Live Event for Safety Compliance »

*I understand that free seating is limited.

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Event Details

Wednesday 6th April

Event starts at 6pm Melbourne Time

Online Event