“Strategic Management for Higher Safety Performance … “

  SafeWork Australia reports that, work-related injury and disease cost our community $61.8 billion a year, with an average cost of $5000 per worker each year and equates to 4.1 per cent of Australia’s gross domestic product. The Work Health and safety Laws place an obligation on directors, managers or employers (PCBU) to ensure safety in the […]

The impact and Unforeseen Challenges of the Novel Virus.

What are the lessons to be learnt? The unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant impact globally. We have seen that countries throughout the globe have implemented strategies to manage and address COVID-19 to ease human needs. In early February 2020 we saw the start of panic buying and the scarcity […]

Are you the victim ….

Are you the Boss in this position? Recently, I hear the term upward bullying and harassment and read up on it..  Often when thinking of bullying and harassment what comes to mind is the downward trend with managers/supervisors and senior management responsible for this behaviour on their staff, not the reverse. There are cases where […]

Is your policy working for your business … workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying needs a broad and integrated approach 4 Recently, through LinkedIn, a Human Resources (HR) professional wrote an article that busted some myths about workplace bullying.  It is a useful article but also illustrates that HR and occupational health and safety (OHS) still have some way to go before providing a coordinated approach to […]

Importance of Work Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

Work Health and Safety Policies and Procedures  Health and safety policies and procedures are part of a framework for effective health and safety management. A general health and safety policy states management’s intention to provide safe and health workplace, and states the health and safety goals of a workplace. It should also demonstrate the PCBU’s […]

4 Facts About Safety Compliance

4 Facts About Safety Compliance “Safety is not an accident” It is easy to get distracted by the industry trends and the current business climate.  So much so, that we forget or see important things like workplace safety, and deem it as a lesser priority, focusing on financial investment in business growth and expansion. SafeWork […]

Confused about your safety obligations?

Confused about your safety obligations? Know your obligations … There is often confusion and misinformation around the safety management requirements for small business Whilst business owners and managers work both in and on the business, they are time poor and desire to maximise and grow the business, yet want meet their WHS obligation; others presume […]